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  • The last conversation you'll need to have about eating right
    The Last Conversation You’ll Need To Have About Eating Right A question I hear a lot is “Which is the best diet, Vegan–Vegetarian–Omnivorous- Paleo-Keto-Low Carb-High Fat?  There is NOT one best! Read more
  • 3 Stretches for Sciatica Pain
    3 Stretches for Sciatica Pain Wall Hip Stretch   Lie on your back close to a wall with your buttocks almost touching the wall. Place one ankle across the other knee and straighten Read more
  • Boost your metabolism with this
    Happy 2018! Goodbye 2017 and goodbye to heavy holiday food and treats and hello to healthier choices! We all like to make New Year resolutions and one of the most Read more
  • New Years Resolution
    Preparing for your New Year Resolutions I'm here to help you write and plan your New Year Resolutions to ensure success in all areas of your life! The 7 areas to set Read more